C5BDI recently visited Zagreb, Croatia to meet with industry leaders in the Intelligent Energy Cluster. We would like to send out a very big thank you for Mr. Mladen Perkov who organized the event, facilitating one-on-one time with more than 15 companies. The discussions were lively and we have already found connections within the C5 ecosystems. For more background, simply click here.

Cluster “Intelligent Energy” is a business network that brings together small and medium businesses, scientific institutions, experts and non-governmental organizations with the goal of strengthening the domestic renewable energy and energy efficiency industries. Cluster “Intelligent Energy” has the mission of opening new green jobs through production of solutions and systems and delivering and continually taking care of installed facilities and technology. Cluster “Intelligent Energy” focuses on green energy technology technologies that can be produced on the domestic market, in the area of ​​small hydro power plants, solar energy (photovoltaic and solar thermal systems), biomass and energy efficiency, which have high employment potential. Its cluster contributes to economic and economic development, the construction of new energy sources, increased security of energy supply and a more favorable environmental impact with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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