C5BDI proudly spotlights our esteemed client, Remote Health Solutions (RHS), as they revolutionize the future of battlefield and remote medical care for the US military. With their cutting-edge “Virtual Exam Room” (VER), RHS offers a comprehensive telehealth solution that spans the entire continuum of care. From point of injury to MedEvac, higher echelon, and hospital/home, VER meets the evolving requirements for triage, multi-patient monitoring, prolonged field care, remote primary care, telesurgery, remote patient monitoring, teleconsultation, and secure data transfer. With its versatility across cellular, satellite, and tactical radio networks, VER ensures HIPAA compliance, serves as a BATDOK™ supplier and maintains robust cyber-security.



At C5BDI, we are passionate about connecting government agencies with groundbreaking technologies and empowering our clients to make a lasting impact. RHS embodies our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions that transform healthcare delivery in remote and challenging environments. Through our strategic partnership, we enable RHS to expand their reach and provide life-saving capabilities to our brave servicemen and women.



Join us in celebrating the remarkable achievements of RHS and their dedication to advancing battlefield medicine. Explore our website to learn more about our impressive roster of clients, the extraordinary technologies they offer, and how C5BDI facilitates the vital connection between innovative solutions and government agencies in need.


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