We are delighted today to shine the spotlight on Jeremy Andrews, our President who joined the C5BDI team back in June of 2022.

When Jeremy isn’t leading our team, he is enjoying his family and attending multiple sporting events and extracurricular events that his three children are participating in. He cherishes spending quality time with his family and friends, creating precious memories together. Jeremy (in his spare time) is an avid golfer and racquetball player.

The most enjoyable aspect of working at C5BDI for Jeremy is the people. We’ve created a wonderful culture with our team members which comes forth in the camaraderie with one another and our ongoing relationships with our clients and customers.



As an “absolutely recommend,” Jeremy emphasizes the importance of prioritizing family. He encourages everyone to cherish their loved ones and make the most of the time spent with them because life moves quickly. Lastly, if Jeremy was to write a book about his life, he would choose the title “Believe in Yourself and You Can Make It Happen.”

Join us in recognizing Jeremy’s exceptional leadership and dedication to C5BDI. His presence has greatly contributed to our continued success, and we are fortunate to have him at the helm.


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