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C5BDI serves as a bridge across the integral parts of commerce that create the fabric of our economy. This includes government, commercial customers and the international marketplace.

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Why? Giving Back

We are a tithing team! Our mission from day one has been to make corporations rethink the way they give back. Every month we donate 10% of our top line revenue (not profit) to the community. We let each employee pick a non-profit, split the revenue evenly and then donate to that charity in their name. It is our goal to donate $100M+ to the non-profit organizations that mean the most to us as a C5BDI Team.

How? Educate & Innovate

We thrive on educating and innovating both businesses and government customers. From meeting with NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL executives, to white boarding and laying groundwork for the first ever Open Topic SBIR with the AFWERX Team, to briefing Congress and DoD Secretary Level Leadership on how to streamline the federal acquisition process our team is seen as thought leaders in both the commercial and federal innovation ecosystems.

What? Contacts = Contracts

We have taken the broken traditional Business Development (BD) process and flipped it completely on its head. Instead of combing through websites and picking through traditional sources for opportunities like most BD professionals, we go direct to the customers. We call this “Backwards BD”. We talk to end users and key stakeholders to truly understand requirements, discover capability gaps and then take that back to the innovation ecosystem to find the right company (or companies) to meet the mission. We believe in continuous collaboration and that it takes an ecosystem of trusted partners to successfully connect industry and government. 

What the C5 Network Has to Say

The C5BDI team understands what it takes to achieve international success, and possesses proven capabilities to accelerate time to market and deliver beyond our expectations.”

President/CEO, Small Business Commercial Healthcare/Education Client

“Our international lanes of commerce have increased 10-fold for both our product and service lines, all within year-one since joining forces with C5BDI”

Director of Operations, Federal Small Business Contracting Client

Trusted partner. Valued relationship. Profit realization. C5BDI.


Executive Vice President, Federal Small Business Contracting Client

“C5BDI has been instrumental in propelling my small business forward within a short period of time.  C5BDI staff are well versed in small business needs and consistently bring new ideas for growth to the table.”


Small Business Healthcare Client

“Together, with C5BDI, we are able to, leverage personal and professional relationships collaterally within uninhibited communication lanes with our collective international partner network, end-users, and clientele,ensuring zero conflict of interest, harvesting a global network of success and wealth.”

Vice President, International Federal/Commercial Client

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