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Contracts Solution Provider

C5BDI is an industry leader in Non-Traditional Contracting (NTC). Our experience includes briefing upper echelons of the Government including the U.S. Pentagon, Intelligence Community, U.S. Forces abroad, allied Ministries of Defense (MoD’s), and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). We provide direct subject matter expertise in navigating the challenging U.S. Federal acquisition space. Our experience with the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Other Transaction Authority (OTA) vehicles opens up the complicated space to both small and big businesses as well as international vendors creating the ability to rapidly deploy innovative technologies, products, processes, and services to the U.S. Warfighter. C5BDI support includes direct access to key U.S. acquisition and technical decision makers. We also provide access to U.S. companies that allow sole-source and rapid acquisition contracting mechanisms.


Government & Industry Coaching & Support:

C5BDI brings over 125 total man years of executive training and leadership development. We offer an approach that is teachable to empower senior leadership and the entire organization. By combining transferable knowledge with innovative tools and processes, we provide the ability to grow organic revenue.


Lead Generation

Both the Federal and commercial space are all about networking – Contacts equals Contracts! C5BDI is disruptive in that it changes the way opportunities are generated. A new way of doing business should include bringing customers to the company, instead of the company going to the customer. Most organizations are trying to get in to see the customer. The latter is time consuming and non-productive. By building a company’s brand and becoming an expert in the field, customers are more apt to walk through the client’s door due to reputation and the ability to execute high-quality requirements on time and on schedule.


Lead Qualification

Opportunities are abundant; however, the point is to make sure that the organization is tracking and pursuing strategic targets that align with core competencies. All opportunities must flow through a nominal “Go/No-Go” bid process. This process ensures that opportunities align to strategic priorities which maximizes the effectiveness of company resources that yields a higher p-win and realized revenue.


Pipeline Build & Maintenance

In both Federal and commercial procurement, a competitive company must have a robust knowledge management process in place to build and manage a “pipeline” of opportunities. The pipeline is the company’s sales plan, tracker, and revenue forecast. It is critical for the organization to quickly and effectively identify backlog and future growth. The pipeline tracks all capture activities and serves as the central hub for current business development efforts.


Marketing Intelligence

Assessing the market requires data points that can be triangulated from multiple sources. The larger the network and the more research, the better the opportunity of finding new work and vulnerable competition. Patrolling Social Media, attending seminars, conferences and symposiums, and continuous networking with both Government and industry partners, puts our personnel and organization in a flowing channel of information. Networking and fusion between Government champions brings about critical information to gain a better understanding of customer requirements that strategically aligns business development planning.


Lean/Standardized BD

With a lean and standardized BD approach, the organization has a better chance to go after more opportunities in less amount of time. This approach is continuously adapted and updated as better material and processes are attained. Each opportunity should start with standardized content and then be modified according to each specific opportunity.


Surge Support

Bandwidth is the number one priority when it comes to opportunity identification, qualification, and execution. C5BDI provide on-call surge support staff to fill gaps when the company needs it most. Depending on the current need, we call on the appropriate and highly qualified staff member to step in and support the team. Our staff allows your organization to be in many places at one time, which allows for new marketing exploration and brand expansion.

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