The C5BDI pay it forward initiative and giveback program are ongoing, and the team recently pledged resources and funding to support the Preservation Society of Charleston. The team expresses gratitude to Melaina Murray for proposing and endorsing such a worthwhile organization. The Preservation Society of Charleston is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the unique historical, architectural, and cultural heritage of Charleston, South Carolina. Since its founding in 1920, the Preservation Society has worked tirelessly to ensure that the city’s historic buildings and neighborhoods are maintained for future generations to enjoy. Through a variety of programs and initiatives, the organization has become a leader in the field of historic preservation.

One of the most important programs offered by the Preservation Society is its Historic Charleston Foundation. This initiative provides funding for the restoration and maintenance of historic buildings in the city, as well as educational opportunities for the public to learn more about Charleston’s rich history. Additionally, the organization offers tours of historic homes and gardens, allowing visitors to experience the beauty and grandeur of Charleston’s architecture firsthand.

The Preservation Society of Charleston is truly a remarkable organization that has had a profound impact on the city and its people. Through its efforts to preserve the unique character of Charleston, the organization has helped to create a vibrant and thriving community that is beloved by residents and visitors alike. For anyone interested in history, architecture, or simply the beauty of the Lowcountry, the Preservation Society is a must-see destination.

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