C5BDI is at it again, helping a Northern Virginia #NCR based small business win an Air Force Phase I #SBIR for their ethical trust calibration for lethal autonomous robots. This work will extend and enhance a practical methodology for calibrating “ethical trust” in robots, building on prior development of methods and tools for calibrating “capability trust” in autonomous robotic systems.

This will also be pivotal in outfitting innovative U.S. arsenal capabilities with the ethics of swarms as well as individual robots, building on prior development of systems for programming and control of autonomous robot swarms. This project will provide a user interface as well as a rationale for the calibration of ethical trust in autonomous systems. This will have major commercial as well as military applications.

C5BDI is happy to help your small company get into government contracting, just ask us how at https://c5bdi.com/contact/.

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