Let’s complete the set! C5BDI connects USMC/USN/USAF & San Diego, CA based small business on a $65M SBIR Phase III. Like all previous posts this week, this contract has lineage from an AFWERX SBIR Phase I Open Call and USMC customers. And this one never even got the Phase II. That AFWERX team might be on to something. They are turning around some return on taxpayer R&D funding, that’s for sure. For this contract the company will utilize the SBIR tech to show more effective data management, higher levels of robust analytics, more efficient processes, and substantial levels of collaboration between multiple communities of interest to more readily provide actionable, relevant, and timely information for DoD decision makers. The tech’s architecture allows for the rapid rollout of capability releases, so new functionality can be implemented within days or weeks rather than in months or years. Kudos to the C5BDI team, SBIR Phase III industry leaders!

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