C5BDI connects Boston, MA small business and the University of Pittsburgh to a United States Air Force STTR Phase I win! Preventable musculoskeletal injuries (MSKI) remain the most significant threat to military readiness. Currently there is no human-centric system to accurately assess the quality of human movement for the design, implementation, and tracking of operations that require heavy equipment for preventive musculoskeletal (MSK) care.

This award is for data-driven MSK injury reduction and performance optimization. The proposed technology is a cost-effective, portable system for accurately assessing quality of movement and promotes performance optimization, injury management,  and ergonomic assessment. In addition, it contains a cloud-based platform which seamlessly incorporates hardware, software, and biomechanics Artificial Intelligence and provides a fusion of biomechanics and muscle activation data. Congratulations on the success of your collaboration and STTR Phase I award! We are excited to see the impact that your sensors and technology have on our warfighter and athletes.



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