We want to extend our congratulations to our small business partner, ETC International (ETC), who recently won a SBIR Phase II with the USAF’s Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). In this Phase II, ETC will be helping the US Air Force in supporting Unified All-Domain Data Integration Services (UADDIS). They’ll be supported by another one of our small business partners, Trek10, in this Phase II.

UADDIS is a comprehensive solution that facilitates the integration of data across all domains, supporting the Joint All-Domain Command & Control (JADC2) and Advanced Battle Management Systems (ABMS). UADDIS streamlines the process of gathering and consolidating data from various domains, enabling seamless communication and collaboration between different branches of the military and mission-critical systems. This integrated approach enhances situational awareness, decision-making, and the overall effectiveness of military operations. UADDIS plays a vital role in achieving interoperability and maximizing the capabilities of JADC2 and ABMS, ensuring efficient and coordinated command and control in complex operational environments.

More About ETC International:

Most companies may view training as a standard practice, but ETC International (“ETC”) sets itself apart. ETC understands that conducting training with international partners in support of US security cooperation efforts requires a unique approach. With a history of over 150 international training engagements annually, ETC brings superior expertise, along with qualities like patience, security and situational awareness, a passion for connecting and teaching people, cultural and geopolitical education, and exceptional trust- and relationship-building skills.

ETC leverages the collective experience of its team, totaling nearly 500 years, in planning and executing training engagements that contribute to security cooperation, security assistance, foreign military sales (FMS), and Building Partnership Capacity (BPC) efforts. This extensive experience enables ETC to effectively navigate the complexities of international training, ensuring the success of security cooperation initiatives.

In summary, ETC International recognizes that training in support of US security cooperation requires a specialized approach. Their extensive experience and unique skill set make them a trusted partner for conducting training engagements that foster collaboration, build relationships, and enhance security efforts globally.

Congratulations to ETC on their successful SBIR Phase II win with the AFRL! We’re excited to see the outcomes of this PII.

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