C5BDI is excited to share its support of a local SDVOSB furthering their efforts through a NAVAIR STTR Phase I Option in support of Navy LVC Training. The technology solution in this design leverages data science and advanced computational analysis of tactical data sources. In addition, this solution will improve training scenarios and assessments to make training more adaptive, efficient, and effective. The solution also tracks trainee performance, learns the trainee’s trends and weaknesses throughout their career, and recommends optimized training events. Furthermore, this has wide application across the DoD. As always, whether you are government or industry, if you are still trying to figure out Agile Acquisition (A2) e.g., OTAs and Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), please contact C5BDI today. Our team is currently in the process of disrupting the entire traditional federal contracting process! Come join the rebel alliance!

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