Another Phase III contract award in support of the US Navy! For this work, SSP is leveraging three SBIR technologies to create a suite of software tools and services for situational understanding. Allowing for converging multiple structured / unstructured data streams, confirming and validating reports and information. In addition, this Phase III includes enabling COTS and GOTS technologies to enhance SSP capability. As a result, reduces large incoming data sets into a timely, relevant, situational awareness picture. Continued commercialization from our C5BDI team! ROI on SBIR Dollars! Whether you are government or industry, if you are still trying to figure out Agile Acquisition (A2) e.g., OTAs and Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), please contact C5BDI today. Our team is currently in the process of disrupting the entire traditional federal contracting process! Come join the rebel alliance!

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