C5BDI leverages SBIR Phase III to connect USN and a San Diego based small business and traditional big-business prime to support SPAWAR! This contract applies a systems engineering approach to develop solutions for technical problems effecting fielded Computer Network Defense (CND) systems. This support included the development of streamlined processes for CND fleet modernization. Furthermore, ensuring deliverance of full capability to the fleet and preserving that capability on deploying vessels. In addition to, fleet users are also provided technical support/training. C5BDI thanks team-member, John Ensey, for his efforts in this accomplishment. Whether you are government or industry, if you are still trying to figure out Agile Acquisition (A2) e.g., OTAs and Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), please contact C5BDI today. Our team is currently in the process of disrupting the entire traditional federal contracting process! Come join the rebel alliance!

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