Our team recently committed resources and funding to support Project Rescue thanks to a suggestion by Chase Owens from our team who recommended this inspiring organization. Project Rescue helps in restoring hope to survivors of sexual exploitation and their multinational network of partners are committed to seeing Hope restored for those survivors. They believe in a world free from sexual slavery, where courageous women and children can live in freedom as fully empowered daughters and sons of God.

Since Project Rescue was founded in 1997, they have been on a mission to rescue and restore victims of sexual exploitation through the love and power of God. Each Project Rescue affiliated site is launched by courageous men and women of God, often starting with street outreach in areas of prostitution. No two partnerships are exactly the same, but all caregivers offer God’s love, liberating truth, and compassionate, holistic care. In each of the areas Project Rescue serves its leaders and staff work 24/7 with survivors of sexual slavery and trafficking to support them on their journey toward restoration.

Project Rescue is a multinational network of partners who share the same commitment and passion for restoring Hope in the lives of survivors of sexual exploitation and slavery. Their resource office is based in the United States, and their partners are serving women and child survivors throughout central and southern Asia, Europe, and Africa. Project Rescue strives to align with local partners–increasing the sustainability and ability of their programs to deliver culturally informed holistic care to the courageous survivors they serve.

Click on the link here https://projectrescue.com/ to learn more about Project Rescue and the impact they are having on many communities around the world! Here are some recent updates for their current projects.

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