#AgilityPrime #A2 #STTR: C5BDI connects Lafayette, CO #SB and the University of Southern California #USC Information Sciences Institute win a #USAF Phase I #STTR leveraging a dual-purpose technology to equip the United States Space Force #USSF with a cloud-based, fully scalable astrodynamics and spaceflight operations platform. Accurate and timely prediction of space objects and their corresponding behaviors is a crucial piece for Space Domain Awareness. This automated platform fuses physics based and non-physics real-world data together to provide indications and limited predictions on possible behaviors of satellites in Earth’s orbit. This solution will accelerate USSF’s #autonomy capability in utilizing advanced data analytical methods to make determinations on the capacity of space objects and predictions on their intent. As the threats in the space domain continue to evolve, it is important we also leverage and synchronize capabilities with our allies not only to understand each other’s national perspectives, but to work seamlessly together to optimize our multinational space efforts – Operation Olympic Defender #OOD

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