Did you know that a large business can purchase a company and/or SBIR technology from a small business and then transition to Phase III?! Yep, that’s possible and actually ends up completing a commercial and defense Phase III SBIR…double whammy! At C5BDI we not only connect G2G, G2B, and B2G, but we also connect B2B. In today’s update we connected a small business SBIR contractor/holder with a traditional large business defense contractor. The big 5 of the defense world do this all the time, but it’s still new and foreign to mid-tier and other large def businesses. For this opportunity, we connected a Washington DC business and a Hampton Roads, VA business for a SBIR acquisition. The small business had game changing analytic/training tech and the large business had an interested gov’t customer and technology gap. The result, a Phase III acquisition sale and then a $60M+ SBIR Phase III. For this Phase III effort, the technology and both businesses will be supporting a local Hampton Roads, VA Navy maintenance, training customer. Want to buy or sell a SBIR? Contact C5BDI today to learn more!

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