We at C5BDI are continuing our giveback program with Operation Turbo, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit that ships “Boxes of Home” to deployed U.S. military stationed around the world, with a focus on those who might not otherwise, wouldn’t receive personal mail.

In November of 2010 Operation Turbo’s founder, Dyan Zurick Smith, and her husband went to tour their niece’s ship, the USS Stout. During the tour, their niece Heather mentioned that many of her fellow shipmates never receive mail or packages while away from home. Dyan’s heart sank and she decided that she could change that. Within 48 hours she had reached out to friends, family, neighbors, clients, and anyone she knew who was able to help. Through Facebook, Twitter, email, and paper flyers, Dyan and her husband Jeff got the word out. Their mission had begun.

As their network grew, they decided to name it in honor of their niece. On the ship, the job Heather had in engineering was sometimes called “Turbo”. Because she worked vigorously to ensure that the notes and goodies were distributed throughout the crew, it seemed an appropriate honor. Through Dyan’s network and Heather’s work on the ship, Operation Turbo set out to ensure that every sailor onboard would receive a note of gratitude and something special from back home. This was only the beginning.

In 2012 Operation Turbo organized “Operation Turbo: Afghanistan” with the help of a Marine named Rachel. Over a three-week period, they shipped over 55 “Boxes of Home” that included everything from notes to Girl Scout Cookies. Unable to come home for the holidays, the marine unit was able to enjoy gifts from an appreciative citizenry.

Operation Turbo has grown every year since and has continued to send its “Boxes of Home” to deployed US Military members around the world, with a focus on those that might not otherwise receive mail. Their plan for continued growth will ensure that Operation Turbo is serving our deployed US military as long as they need us.

There are many ways to get involved, should you, your family, or your organization wish to contribute notes of thanks and gratitude. All donations for Operation Turbo’s “Boxes of Home” are welcome and tax deductible. Operation Turbo would not be able to support the brave men and women who continue to serve without your generosity. Learn more about their organization HERE http://www.operationturbo.org/ to ensure that all deployed service members receive “Boxes of Home”.

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