Did you know that October is SBIR Phase III Month! What?!? Well, at C5BDI it is. Stay tuned as we make a recent SBIR Phase III success story announcement every single week day starting October 1st for the entire month. C5BDI is the industry leader in SBIR Phase III. As we all know, at the end of every FY there is a mad dash to award expiring gov’t. funds. This is also a time where proper planning by both gov’t and industry can prevent things like customers ‘losing their money’. Every year we take time in October to pause and reflect on the many SBIR Phase III connections (awards) we have created between gov’t and industry. Because there has been so much attention lately on SBIR (Joint Topic, AFWERX, AAL, NavalX, AF Ventures, SBIRs through OTs, etc.) we are going to this year in October publicly announce several of our favorite and most recent Phase III success stories. That’s 22 awards in 22 week days for the month of October. That’s a lot of Phase IIIs! We will give as much info as we can to protect gov’t/consultant/industry privileges for each award including gov’t service, industry state location, award amount, and scope type. More importantly if you want to turn your SBIR Phase I or II into a Phase III, contact industry leaders C5BDI today.

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