C5BDI helps a Santa Clara, CA #SB win a #PhaseII #SBIR with the National Institutes of Health #NIH indicative of a #DigitalHealth solution inclusive of a smartphone-based platform (#iOS #Android) to provide irrefutable proof of testing, serologic, and vaccination status for individuals #COVID-19. This tool allows NIH to use containment efforts, like COVID-19 testing, social distancing, and quarantine, precisely when and where needed. This will let more people return to less restricted living and reduce the risk of devastating local outbreaks. This mobile service maps a person’s vetted identity and biometrics to a smartphone and then cryptographically binds it with their COVID-19 test and vaccination records. The person can then prove their status by utilizing the credentials with a QRCode or NFC Single Tap. A #DistributedLedger is used for creating immutable audit trails while providing cryptographic assertions. A #NativeMobileWallet integration allows proof to be in an alternate portable format for quick validation using existing payment mechanisms and associated ecosystems. #SocialDistancing #QRCode #Quarantine

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