C5BDI is proud to connect Virginia Beach, VA small business to the United States Air Force, Kirtland Air Force Base (KADB)’s 351st Special Warfare Training Squadron (SWTS) to $10M contract award. The USAF Special Warfare (AFSPECWAR) community was looking to conduct a primary pilot to determine the feasibility and assess the military utility of implementing a “one of a kind” joint combat arms and military operations area (MOA) training capability. Currently, this combined training capability does not exist in the Air Force.

This company realized the importance becoming integration experts in Base of the Future/ROTF innovations. With this pivot came the realization that there is no single company or single solution that can be all things to all people and appeal to all desired end states. The best technologies out there today may not be what is best for tomorrow’s battlefield, meaning, the ability to offer flexibility is paramount to the success of our war fighters under changing domain conditions. To distance themselves from the competition, they positioned themselves as an integrator of partners who possess best of breed innovations to create a one-stop solution for range innovation, smart technology, and process improvement.

From design to build to sustainment, contract efforts will assess best of breed assets in all areas and integrate critical assets, to then provide the ability to intelligently determine adaptation to other installations and training environment needs. Benefits of the Range of the Future (ROTF) prototype will identify, demonstrate, and assess innovative and unique commercial off the shelf (COTS) combat arms and MOA training technologies, systems, and capabilities to improve Air Force mission effectiveness and joint Airmen readiness. Congratulations and all the best to this Hampton Roads small business for this huge accomplishment and contract win!


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