C5BDI connects Air Force/Navy/Army and Norfolk, VA based small business for a Joint Topic Phase I SBIR. This company manufactures and supplies Float Tanks (FTs) for Sensory Deprivation. This tech is being used by multiple professional sports stars including New England Patriots (check…Tampa Bay Buccaneers) very own Tom Brady! This treatment method has proven to be exceptional for dealing with both mental and physical stress, including depression, anxiety, Wounded Warriors and those dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The use of sensory deprivation in FT therapy has enormous amounts of research supporting its benefits. It requires no medication, has no side effects, is proven to be effective, and is less expensive compared to alternative measures. This tech has received a great deal of attention across the services in Phase I, and is on the fast track to SBIR Phase III.

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