C5BDI’s pay it forward, giveback initiative continues with our recent charitable contribution to the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore. Since 1981, the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore, a member of Feeding America™ and the Federation of Virginia Food Banks, has been providing food for people experiencing food insecurity throughout Southeastern Virginia and on the Eastern Shore. The Foodbank has distributed over 360 million pounds of food equating to over 300 million meals throughout their 4,745-square-mile service area.

For every $10 donation the Foodbank receives, they are able to assemble and distribute up to $60 worth of grocery products. Thanks to their purchasing power through bulk ordering, monetary donations go even further by allowing them to purchase food that is needed, but not always donated, such as meats and fresh produce.

Donations help provide balanced meals to the community while also supporting the operations of their partner agencies and programs. They provide nutritious fresh, frozen, canned, boxed, and prepared food to over hundreds of thousands of individuals annually. This food is recovered and secured from restaurants, supermarkets, food distributors, the USDA, farmers, wholesalers, sportsmen, and through food and fund drives.

Thank you to Brad Roberts from our team for recommending such an outstanding organization. It’s our honor to donate on your behalf!

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