We continue our giveback donation program with Dreamscape Foundation thanks to a suggestion by James Mershon! At Dreamscape Foundation, they know millions of Americans – and many more across the globe – are affected by disabilities. The people who fall into this number are all around us. They share our schools and our workplaces. They interact with the same physical and online environments we have grown dependent upon. Yet their lives are filled with unseen challenges. In silence, they wrestle with the tools, technology, and environments so often designed with people without disabilities in mind.

The struggle is right in front of us, yet too often our eyes miss it. Living with a disability can negatively impact one’s chances of success in education and employment. Yet Dreamscape Foundation, believe they have the power to do something about it. Knowing is not enough. While nothing can prepare anyone for an unanticipated disability, there is one thing we can do, and that offers hope. Dreamscape Foundation takes action to help individuals with disabilities adapt to today’s world in a way that allows them to thrive.

One out of every five Americans lives with a disability. Dreamscape Foundation is actively working to ensure that anyone who lives with this struggle is provided with the tools and resources needed to meet their educational, employment, and independent living goals. They use the legal framework of the Americans with Disabilities Act to build the scope of our work while diving more deeply into achieving the following goals.

  • Fight to restore independence in the lives of those impacted by disabilities and diseases. They also work to ensure schools and workplaces are accessible.
  • Provide knowledge and resources for those with sensory impairments, as well as educate the communities they live in so they can better understand the value of accessible technology.
  • Find resources to fund research for rare impairments, disabilities, and diseases. We look for grants, private donors, and other sources to build the resources needed to fund these efforts. Together we can work towards cures to make a difference in the disabled community.

Learn more about the Dreamscape Foundation at their website here https://dreamscapefoundation.org/ and follow them on social media if you want to continue following along in their journey!

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