C5BDI connects the #USAF technology accelerator #AFWERX and Air Force Medical Service #AFMS ecosystem with an innovative #SB based out of Irvine, CA, accelerating the USAF’s capability for a point of care and rapid testing platform for detecting viral load #COVID19. This state-of-the-art tech provides an affordable, multi-time point testing of viral loads to allow clinicians to better triage and treat patients where the patient is located instead of in a distant lab. The high-value proposition of this technology to #AFMS is its ability to provide #immediate and #accurate identification of bacterial or viral infections at the patient point of care. Because it does not destroy the identified bacteria or virus, further analysis is possible. This test platform possesses the ability to quickly screen patients and immediately inform clinicians of the variant of infectious bacteria and whether it is drug resistant. This can have profound effects on treatment outcomes!

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