C5BDI connects USAF, a South Bend, IN small business technology company and the University of Notre Dame on an AFWERX STTR Phase II contract. This small biz has partnered with the curriculum and education assessment experts at Notre Dame to form an innovative approach to online learning for the USAF. This tech approach provides the Air Force with a tremendous opportunity to increase the readiness level, capacity, and lethality of our forces, while decreasing the cost to the American taxpayer. This cloud enabled curriculum fits into the larger Digital University ecosystem, combines theoretical instruction and hands on application, assesses acumen through end-to-end, hands on, applicable projects, provides the ability to scale and adapt with new modules and is built with consideration of both parallel and transition paths from legacy USAF training plans. The company is already performing on multiple Phase III efforts and is a current darling in the USAF cloud community. AFWERX works!

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