Did you know that Clean Air Zone (CAZ), was featured in CIOReview magazine earlier this year!? What an honor to have a huge spread on their company highlighting the innovative tech that they are producing commercially. This tech solution, dubbed Clean Air Zone AG (CAZAG), is an air purifying device that replicates nature’s biological ecosystems and captures, ingests, and digests the contaminants within the units.

CAZ’s technology can play a critical role in controlling airborne diseases caused by VOC contamination. The device captures and destroys 99.9% of harmful indoor air contaminants, molds, bacteria, and plant viruses present in greenhouses, bringing significant benefits to farmers. It can also be used in the pre-production and post-production phase, where agricultural yields are often exposed to pathogens while handling and packaging.

Overall they have created an amazing technology, and we are excited to continue supporting CAZ and their efforts to create a green-friendly future for everyone.

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