C5BDI would like to thank the Cyber Bytes Foundation team Jonathan Payton, Jeff Rose, and Amanda Sawicz for hosting Tina Bove and Mark Longe for a great day of discussion about all things emerging tech, acquisition, and our synergies in providing the Warfighter with the technology & solutions they need!

For those unfamiliar with the Cyber Bytes Foundation, it is a nonprofit organization with its primary objective to establish and maintain a unique Cyber Ecosystem, focused on accelerating the development of a robust cybersecurity workforce and supporting community outreach programs. The foundation achieves this by fostering synergy through education, research, and innovation.

The Cyber Bytes Foundation, through its newly established Cyber Security Center of Excellence, provides an interdisciplinary platform for collaboration among various stakeholders, including government agencies (federal and local), defense, intelligence, law enforcement, academia, and corporate entities (finance, manufacturing, infrastructure, and commerce). This collaborative environment facilitates the identification, resolution, and transfer of essential innovations and training to the workforce, enhancing the entire cyber ecosystem’s capacity to detect and respond to current and emerging cyber threats.

We are excited to continue collaborations with the Cyber Bytes Foundation and its amazing team moving forward.

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