Thank you to all of you that participated in our May Giveback voting. C5BDI supported the “Connect With A Wish” organization in support of local foster children in Hampton Roads, Virginia. For more information on Connect With A Wish – please visit Connect With A Wish.

Connect With a Wish Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization working in Virginia Beach. If you are available to volunteer time or make any donations please see how you can help! Founded by Joy Rios,the recipient of the 2015 Salvation Army Hope Humanitarian Award, Connect With a Wish has a simple mission – “to connect the wishes of children in foster care with the generosity of our community, one child at a time”. Connect With a Wish is sub-organized into a group of programs:


Kids in foster care will be asked to make a wish, and volunteers from Connect with a Wish will work to procure items or lessons that the kids have requested. We are asking to promote extracurricular activities like sports teams, martial arts, clubs, music lessons, etc. These types of wishes can offer hope, a dream, and discipline. We will also work to provide wishes like special occasion clothing and things that are beyond their financial means but not so far beyond many of ours. These wishes are not affordable for foster children, and Connect with a Wish will use monetary donations to provide the wishes we have been unable to procure.


In Supporting Success, we want to work with the programs already in place to support the transition of these children to successful, productive adults in our society. Our support will include continually collecting items to help the kids that are getting ready to move out on their own. A list of needed items like bedding, towels, pots, and pans are listed under how you can help. Each child moving out will be presented with all the items they need to start out on thier own. We also plan to assist with those getting ready to go out into the work world, college, and trade schools with the supplies needed to be successful. This program will assist in securing a more successful and productive future for these young adults.


This committee works to ensure every child in Foster Care is remembered on their Birthday.  Each child will receive a birthday card along with cake mix, candles, icing, and party napkins. This will be accompanied by a small gift to recognize their special day. Check out our younger volunteers preparing the most special Birthday cards for our children in Foster Care.


A member of this committee attends the monthly meeting of this youth leadership group.  The committee is responsible for providing a small motivational gift for each youth every month. Youth Council also works to support the group with field trips they otherwise would not be able to experience.


CWW provides large duffel bags partially filled with comfort items based upon age and gender.  We also give comfort items to help ease the transition of the difficult time when the child is being removed from their home. This bag is easy to handle and it’s theirs to keep wherever they go.


#GirlCode is CWW’s monthly youth group for girls ages 14 -1 8, with 18 – 21 years old as mentors. #GirlCode meets at our location monthly where we have guest speakers, fun activities, and field trips.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Connect With A Wish. If you’d like to learn about why CWW was founded, please look here.


Connect With A Wish’s newest program, the Boy’s Youth Group aims to provide mentorship and fun experiences for foster care boys ages 14 and up. We meet monthly and do field trips, fun activities, and have guest speakers.

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