Today we want to highlight one of our valued team members, Tina Bove. She is the Director of our Capture team and has been a part of our company since late 2019.

Tina is a Navy veteran who initially joined the military to pay for college and proceeded to attend the United States Naval Academy (USNA). It turns out it was the best decision she made as she loved her time in the Navy! While at USNA, she played rugby for 2.5 years. During her free time, Tina enjoys riding horses. If she’s sitting down to watch a movie, you can bet that movie will be Die Hard!

When it comes to C5BDI, Tina loves that we have the flexibility to work from home/anywhere in the world. As a military spouse that moves frequently, this is so important for her and her family! If she had to name the title of the book about her life, she’d pick Getting Things Done by David Allen. Lastly, Tina absolutely recommends going to visit the Midwest! Her family recently traveled to Montana and found it to be a wonderful and refreshing place to visit.

Thank you to Tina and all the hard work she has done for our company! We are excited to continue seeing the amazing insight/expertise she has brought forth to the team thus far.

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