Today we’d like to spotlight C5BDI’s Melaina Murray! Melaina is one of our most senior C5BDI team members, since May 2018, and goes by the moniker The Strategizer Bunny, which means she has hands in many different aspects of our business.

Hailing from Charleston, SC, her family has actually been part of the Charleston community since the 1700s! With a background of playing soccer for 14 years, Melaina co-founded The Citadel’s first indoor soccer league. You might catch Melaina relaxing with a jigsaw puzzle while watching one of her favorite TV shows, Frasier or Sherlock, during her free time. If Melaina had to recommend something for you to try, she’d suggest PG Tips (tea) with 2 sugars and milk.

When it comes to C5BDI, Melaina loves that the sky’s the limit to what we can accomplish! She appreciates how we get creative with absolutely everything, whether it’s on how we give back to the community or how we get the warfighter what they need faster. Melaina is also an Army military spouse from the Field Artillery community which helps her feel even more connected to the C5BDI mission.

Thank you, Melaina, for all the hard work and the massive impact you’ve had on our team over the years!

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