Happy Friday again, we hope your week has been a good one! Today C5BDI wants to briefly highlight our COO, Mark Longe, who has been a part of C5BDI since day 1!

Mark is a big fan of Jet Skiing and actually partakes in the activity most when visiting Lake Champlain in Vermont, a beautiful area, especially during the last half of summer! If you are to try an “absolute recommend” by Mark, he’d recommend Wendy’s Frostys, they are very good! To be honest, we’d be surprised if someone hasn’t had a good Wendy’s Frosty at one point or another, but regardless Mark does recommend it. If Mark were to recommend a book to read, he’d suggest The Power of Positive Thinking or The Dichotomy of Leadership. These both sound like book titles that you’d want to check out, especially if you’re shopping around for a personal or professional growth read.

While attending Virginia Wesleyan University (VWU), Mark actually briefly held the pitching record for saves as a closer as well as appearances! While talking about sports, Mark is also a massive fan of Boston Sports as a whole. As far as Mark’s favorite TV show and movie, he enjoys Saturday Night Live (SNL) and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty — I’ve heard a lot of great things about The Secret Life of Walter Mitty but have not had the chance to watch it before. Lastly, the thing Mark enjoys most about our company is our bottom-line impact on the defense community.

So as many of you know Mark as “the man, the myth, the legend”, he has been a great leader over the years alongside Mike, Cierra, and now Jeremy, and we are thankful for the leadership he provides to everyone on our team!

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