Today, we are excited to shine the spotlight on our remarkable team member, Jason Algarin! Jason joined C5BDI as a Sr. Capture Manager back in March of this year.

Jason has a deep passion for traveling and immersing himself in different cultures around the world. While exploring the United States, he takes delight in discovering hidden gems known only to the locals. Did you know that Jason actually lived in Kuwait City for over a year and had the opportunity to travel to several Middle Eastern countries? He also grew up around horses and finds great joy in working with young colts.

When it comes to entertainment, Jason’s favorite movie is Full Metal Jacket, which ignited his interest in joining the US Marine Corps. At C5BDI, he thoroughly enjoys working with a team of professional Business Developers and assisting companies in navigating the complex federal acquisition process.



If Jason were to recommend a good book, he would suggest “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins. He also highly recommends traveling to Colombia and exploring beautiful cities like Bogota, Medellin, and Cartagena.

Having a military background himself, Jason comes from a proud military family, with his dad, uncles, and grandfather having served in major conflicts since World War II. He served in the US Marine Corps for eight years, supporting combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a Veteran, Jason takes great pride in his service.

Join us in celebrating Jason’s contributions to C5BDI and our clients. We are thrilled to continue our impactful work with him as we connect our impressive roster of clients with government agencies in need of their innovative technologies.


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