Today, we’d like to spotlight one of our newest additions to the team, Jaqualene Taylor. She has joined our team through the DoD SkillBridge program and will be helping us out with multiple aspects of C5BDI.

To provide a little background on Jaqualene, she has been around the military her whole life with her parents having both served in the US Marine Corps, her brother currently serving in the US Air Force as a Firefighter, and her having recently retired from the US Air Force as a Security Forces member. During her short time with C5BDI (thus far), she has greatly enjoyed working alongside our motivated team while also networking with emerging tech companies.

During Jaqualene’s free time, she enjoys doing arts and crafts (mainly painting), loves to run marathons, and is a bit of a writer herself. When she gets time to relax, Jaqualene enjoys watching anything on Investigation Discovery as well as Judge Judy. Now, if you’re looking for a few good recommendations, Jaqualene would suggest having a cup of black coffee or treating yourself to a tasty medium-rare steak! And if you’re looking to get outside for a little, she’d say you should find a good running trail. No recommendations would be complete without spending time laughing and goofing off with your loved ones! Lastly, if you were to read a book about Jaqualene’s life, she’d call it, Where Is The Beach?

Jaqualene, we are excited to have you on the team and for all the great things that’ll come from your expertise and skills — and thank you to SkillBridge for sending you our way!

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