In today’s team member highlight, we’d like to spotlight C5BDI’s, James Mershon! James is our Commercialization Yoda and is one of C5BDI’s first team members, joining the company at the end of 2016. 

To give you a little background on James, in his spare time, he’s a musician who loves playing the drums and enjoys a good swim in the ocean — I’m sure we’ll see him in next year’s Jamestown triathlon! He also loves watching M*A*S*H, a classic sitcom from the 70s. Despite C5BDI being his main day-to-day, James has had the pleasure of releasing three songs through Blue Pie Records, which have even been featured on CMT (Country Music Television). You can find his music on Amazon Music and other streaming services under James Mershon. To continue his musical highlights, James was also a DJ for a Christian rock radio station called “Forged By Fire” under the pseudonym DJ JAM!

One of the things he finds most enjoyable about working for C5BDI is the camaraderie and forward-leaning work ethos exhibited daily through the mantra of “making others successful, makes us successful”. Though James doesn’t necessarily have a book title about his life, he does recommend people read through the Bible, the King James version — pun intended. Lastly, if James were to provide an absolutely recommend suggestion to someone, he’d suggest you try a decked-out bagel and lox complete with tomatoes and capers — makes me hungry just thinking about it.

James has been an instrumental part of the C5BDI team and we are excited to continue feeling the positive impact that he brings to the team!

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