Today we’d like to take a few minutes to highlight one of our own, Heather Phillips. Heather joined our team back in August of last year and is one of our very talented Proposal Managers! She has been wonderfully married for over 20 years and she and her husband will soon be infamous “empty-nesters” — for those who know, you know. 

Heather loves those holiday movies — I’m sure all of you know Elf is a top-notch holiday movie! Though Heather doesn’t know if she’ll be winning a contest anytime soon, she does really enjoy crafting as a pastime. If there’s something she would recommend to anyone out there, she’d recommend you travel and see the world, try those local restaurants and just gain life experiences along the way. Life is short, so it’s always a nice reminder to try and make the most of it!

One thing that makes C5BDI stand out to Heather has been the atmosphere of total support, whether from co-workers to management, we all look out for one another like one big family! Though most of us work remotely on a regular basis, you might not know that Heather is coming in strong for the short queens out there and stands at a cool 5’1″. Lastly, to give you a little inspiration, if Heather were to name the title of her book, she’d call it, Rely on God to Rein in the Crazy. It sounds like she might have some good stories to tell!

Anyways, thank you to Heather and all the amazing work she does as a part of the C5BDI family! On that note, we hope you have a wonderful evening and the rest of your week!

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