We’d like to take today to highlight one of our newest team members to C5BDI, Craig Knox! He joined our team back in June of this year as one of our Proposal Writers, so for any of our clients who hire us for writing proposals, Craig might be the man behind that written doc.

To give you a little more background on Craig, he has an impressive background and is actually a Ph.D. Candidate in History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Toronto! He is a fan of fun literary works and has actually read everything written by the author, Kurt Vonnegut — who wrote books such as Cat’s Cradle (not the game) and Slaughterhouse-Five. During his free time, he loves Bouldering — which is a form of free climbing on small rock formations or artificial rock walls without the use of ropes or harnesses (probably not an activity for those afraid of heights) and loves the TV show The Wire.

If you ever make your way to Toronto, Craig absolutely recommends checking out Carousel Bakery at St. Lawrence Market for their peameal bacon sandwiches. During his short stint with us thus far, the thing that sticks out about C5BDI, is that we help small businesses succeed while supporting the defense community as part of a close-knit team. Lastly, if you see a book in the distant future titled The Prodigal Hoosier, it very well could be an autobiography by Craig.

Craig, thank you for everything you’ve done for the team and we are excited to have you as one of our newest C5BDI team members!

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