Today we’d like to spotlight our C5BDI team member, Brock Moody! Brock is one of our Capture Leads and joined the company this last September of 2022!

To give you a little more background on Brock, he Graduated from The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, and received the General Douglas MacArthur Cadet of the Year Award. While in the military, Brock served for 8 years as a Chemical Officer in the US Army with Deployments to Iraq and Syria. Brock also has a long history of being around the military, with his family having served in most major American conflicts dating back to fighting for the Union during the Civil War! 

Did you know that Brock is a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan!? Well, I’m sure the 2023 Super Bowl was a pleasure to watch as the Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles! Like the rest of us, Brock enjoys a good viewing experience and has a fond spot for the TV show, The Last Kingdom and the Jackie Chan/Chris Tucker movie, Rush Hour 2. During his downtime, Brock loves to read and teach his daughters something new! And if he were to suggest a recommendation to you, he’d say you should get a German Shepherd, maybe two, no scratch that, definitely three!!

Now if Brock were to write a book about his life, he’d title it, A Very Successful Failure — an interesting read for sure. Lastly, Brock enjoys working for C5BDI because of the vast array of technologies and solutions we get to help provide to the warfighter and our military!

Thank you, Brock, for all the incredible work you’ve put in thus far, we are thrilled to see you continue to thrive and succeed as C5BDI continues to take over the government contracting industry!

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