Today we’d like to take a moment to spotlight one of our C5BDI team members, Andrew Frech. Andrew joined the team in February 2022 as our Marketing Manager and has just surpassed his one-year with the company!

To give a little background on Andrew, he is a musician who currently plays in two bands, Every King & Commoner (co-founder), and the Cody Christian band, and has performed across much of the central east coast while traveling as far west as Indiana/Illinois (thus far). He has also been lucky enough to play a couple of sold-out shows in front of thousands of people — with more to come; and released two albums under the Every King & Commoner moniker.

Prior to joining C5BDI, Andrew was a licensed Realtor in Virginia, getting his license at 22, selling his first listing at $450,000, and collectively selling over $1 million during his tenure — he still holds his real estate license today. Speaking of C5BDI, Andrew loves the camaraderie between the whole team and helping C5BDI pioneer a new segment of the company from the ground up, the marketing department. He’s also a big fan of being a part of a company that is in its “growth” phase because it provides a new type of experience with big potential opportunities. Though he has no military background himself, both Andrew’s father and grandfather served in the US Navy for 20+ years and 35+ years.

Andrew’s current favorite TV shows are Ozark and You, and he loves The Lord Of The Rings franchise as a whole. If Andrew had to provide an absolute recommendation to someone, he’d suggest finding a passion you love and always making time for it. “As people get older, it’s harder to make time for the things they enjoy, so carving out that time can really help balance you out and stay grounded.” He’d also suggest you visit OBX in North Carolina as it’s beautiful there. Lastly, if Andrew were to write a book about his life, he’d title it You Might Be Surprised I Survived.

Thank you to Andrew and the work he has put in with C5BDI during his time so far. We look forward to seeing his continued growth of the marketing department, while further widening the reach of C5BDI and its sister companies (Sports Innovation X, Vet First, Inc., and Ecco Adesso Vineyards).

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