Today we’d like to take a moment and highlight one of our team members, Amanda Brown! Amanda started with our company back in November of 2019 and is our current Chief of Staff / Admin Overlord 😉.

To give you a little more background on Amanda, she has a passion for food and wine and enjoys cooking Italian cuisine — but really, anything goes! When it comes to her wine, Amanda’s go-tos are most types of Vino and Pinot Noir — but knows that with great wine and Italian food, exercising and running are a MUST. Now you mustn’t forget to take in a little sunshine, and music while getting the chance to travel! Amanda loves to get to see how the world lives and especially enjoys these travels with her family which makes it that much more special. In these travels, she’d love to eventually say she saw the world! Speaking of Adventure, if Amanda were to write a book about her life, she’d title it, The Adventure Awaits.

Amanda comes from a large military background. Her dad retired from the Navy after 20 years in the service, while her four uncles served in the Navy, Army, and Marine Corps, and she even has a brother-in-law who just retired from the Navy SEALs! Despite the large military background, Amanda was lucky enough to settle in Virginia Beach with her family after moving to many different places while growing up in her early years. From baseball games to bowling leagues, and family picnics, Amanda got the chance to settle in the area and eventually met her husband and they started a family together. 

Speaking of marriage and family, Amanda and her (now) husband took Amanda to her senior prom and are celebrating their 16th year of marriage! Her daughter also loves Muay Thai, which Amanda has grown very fond of, and immediately gravitated to! If we’re talking about favorite movies, Amanda loves Top Gun and the Santa Clause and enjoys TV shows such as Vikings, Game of Thrones, and Homeland. For those looking for recommendations, Amanda would suggest trying new things and being open to new experiences because life has a lot to offer so you don’t want to let opportunities pass you by! Lastly, Amanda’s favorite thing about C5BDI is that she gets to see things come to life through the endless possibilities C5BDI has to offer! It’s being a part of something from the ground up and giving back to those in need that really leave an impression — plus let’s not forget getting together and having fun with the team!

Thank you to Amanda and all the incredible work she has been putting in for the company over the years. We’re excited to continue seeing her succeed and thrive in being our Admin Overlord in the years to come!

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