C5BDI proudly spotlights our esteemed client, ETC International, headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA! ETC International specializes in conducting training engagements that support security assistance, building partnership capacity (BPC), and foreign military sales (FMS) projects.

With a leadership team that previously established the US Navy’s Expeditionary Training Command (ETC) and Maritime Civil Affairs & Security Training (MCAST) Command, ETC International has been leading training efforts since 2012. Their experienced leaders have led over 150 mobile training team (MTT) missions annually, supporting all Combatant Commanders (COCOM) and representing approximately 80% of the US Navy’s mobile training initiatives.



What sets ETC International apart? Unlike most companies that view training as a generic process, ETC International recognizes that training efforts conducted with international partners in support of US security cooperation require a unique approach. It demands superior training expertise, as well as qualities like patience, security awareness, cultural understanding, and the ability to build strong relationships based on trust.

Drawing from almost 500 years of combined experience, ETC International leverages their industry-leading subject matter experts to plan and execute training engagements that support security cooperation, security assistance, foreign military sales (FMS), and Building Partnership Capacity (BPC) initiatives.



Their expertise, backed by their extensive experience in guiding both US and partner nation training, ensures the delivery of top-notch training engagements. ETC International’s commitment to excellence is evident as their engagements consistently result in requests for their return at the earliest opportunity.

At C5BDI, we are thrilled to continue our partnership with ETC International, supporting their vital mission in enhancing partnership capacity and fostering stronger strategic relationships. We look forward to the continued success and impactful outcomes we will achieve together.

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