C5BDI is proud to support an Arlington, VA small business with their first task order #TO on their second Phase III #IDIQ providing MARFORPAC with a new capability to isolate and define unknown conditions, resolve critical problems, and develop new theories concerning financial, logistics, budget, accounting, internal controls, and information technology processes.

This will be accomplished by leveraging robotic methods #BOTs for process improvement #Kaizen and automation, in order to achieve measurable audit readiness and property accountability progress within the G-8 and G-4 Directorates. This will enable MARFORPAC to rapidly evaluate metadata and develop metrics, isolate anomalies that negatively affect audibility, and leverage robotic methods #BOTs to produce efficiencies across multiple Areas of Responsibility (AOR).

Customized content including financial management #FM, logistics support #LS, and audit data will significantly aide MARFORPAC with an innovative capability to deliver real-time #FMLS decision support that aids leaders at all levels of command. FMLS performance methods will be pushed to an optimized state, establishing internal controls to provide reasonable assurance that process weaknesses can be prevented or detected early enough to mitigate and prevent an adverse impact. This work will lead to the establishment and maintenance of an effective Managers Internal Control Program #MICP to meet the objectives of the Federal Managers’ Financial Integrity Act #FMFIA.

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