Our pay it forward, C5BDI giveback continues! Our team recently committed resources and funding to support National Police Foundation. Thank you very much to Blaine Lafin from our team for recommending such an outstanding cause. 

To provide additional background, the National Policing Institute (NPI)’s mission is to pursue excellence in policing through science and innovation. They are the oldest nationally-known, non-profit, non-partisan, and non-membership-driven organization dedicated to improving America’s police force.

The National Policing Institute has been on the cutting edge of police innovation for over 50 years since it was established by the Ford Foundation as a result of the President’s Commission on the Challenge of Crime in a Free Society. In support of its mission, NPI is committed to conducting research, training, and technical assistance in three strategic priority areas: Force & Firearms, Community Trust & Policing in a Democracy, and Officer Safety, Wellness & Healthy Police Organizations.

Check out the link below if you’re interested to learn more about their foundation https://www.policinginstitute.org/.

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