Our pay it forward, C5BDI giveback continues! Our team recently committed resources and funding to support Courage 365. Thank you very much to Alexandra Syrah for recommending such an outstanding cause. Courage 365 is a service for survivors harmed, particularly within religious environments. Even though they are more widely known to survivors of Christian churches, they serve those with different or no religious affiliation. Abuse affects everyone.

At Courage 365, they provide coaching services to empower survivors to live with courage everyday. They do not provide counseling services but want to share resources that they know can help. Courage 365 empowers survivors of abuse to live with courage. Every survivor of abuse can experience a supportive community and access the resources necessary to heal in healthy, sustainable, and transformative ways. Courage 365 inspires and transforms countless abuse survivors’ lives through a community of understanding, inspiration, and empowerment. They are an organization created by survivors…for survivors.

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