C5BDI has continued our giveback program with PIN Ministry. As a support center for the homeless and poorest of the poor, PIN Ministry’s mission is to alleviate human suffering and create a pathway out of poverty. They believe a holistic approach is needed to restore mind body and spirit. PIN Ministry has 4 main pillars behind its organization; medical outreach, transitional housing, recovery, and training. Its hope is to make today better but its longer-term goal is to change their tomorrow. Thank you to Amanda Brown for recommending this wonderful cause.

In the years prior, PIN Ministry has been able to expand its services to the increase in need during the pandemic. They increased service times and for four months during the Covid quarantine they were the only place in Virginia Beach that the homeless could actually go inside for essential services. PIN Ministry completed a capital project to build 2 additional showers for the homeless, installed air conditioning in the service area so they were able to operate as a cooling center from the heat, and constructed an additional dedicated medical office.

PIN Ministry expanded its substance abuse and mental health services by hiring a full-time addiction counselor and collaborating with the City of Virginia Beach PATH program to connect the homeless suffering from severe mental health disorders and chronic addictions to much-needed treatment and long-term care. They have also coordinated and managed the Expanded Non-congregant Sheltering program for the city of Virginia Beach to give 150 homeless individuals and families sanctuary from the winter weather during the pandemic. This included case management and permanent housing assistance.

For more information, visit their website at https://pinministry.net/ and click on ‘Need Help’.

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