#NCMS #OTA #PEOCarriers #CVN78: C5BDI is thrilled for the opportunity to help Chesapeake, VA #SDVOSB connect with PEO Carriers on an Other Transaction Authority (OTA) project for optimizing processes and advanced technologies to improve shipyard maintenance activities. This #OTA initiative will leverage commercial industry best practices, tools, and emerging technologies to refine and optimize processes that improve organizational production, maintenance, and sustainment outcomes at a shipyard.

Using the Newport News Shipyard (NNS) and the Ford Class Aircraft Carrier program as a surrogate, current maintenance, and shipbuilding program processes will be evaluated to generate maintenance planning and execution process improvements. These improvements will better anticipate maintenance requirements and create more accurate work packages that optimize program schedules and budgets. This will help to stabilize the workforce, increase shipyard competition, and increase worker expertise.

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