C5BDI is proud to help South Bend, IN #NotreDame #DARPA startup win an AFWERX #USAF Phase I #SBIR with their innovative #ToolKit to enhance AF Information Warfare #IW protection against misinformation and disinformation.

The Toolkit is built on top of their Python software development kit #SDK that scans a file system for file changes (initial writes or changes) and records their fingerprint on the blockchain. This will enable the 16th Air Force to inform the risk to data at all points of the data lifecycle. They will also be able to readily align to enhance data integrity, promote further development of the Chain of Custody, provide an ability to establish a fingerprint, and verify the fingerprint at all stages of the data lifecycle.

Want to learn more about getting your company an AFWERX/SBIR/STTR, or another form of government contract? Let us know and we’d love to discuss it further! https://c5bdi.com/contact/

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