C5BDI is at it again, this time helping another South Bend, IN native small business win a Phase I #SBIR with the #USAF with their machine learning #ML operations platform in maximizing the data lifecycle. The ML solution includes a Data Platform, a one-stop-spot for managing, cleaning, exploring, and leveraging data; it provides end-to-end lifecycle management and an analytical pipeline for data as well as the mechanisms to extract business value through deep insights, ML models, and operational workflows.

This platform removes the undifferentiated heavy lifting and allows teams to focus on activities that directly provide business value for #NextGen data analysis, and operational workflows, all while leveraging ML models.

Is your company looking to get into government contracting? Let us, at C5BDI, know and we’ll see how your solutions can help make a difference! https://c5bdi.com/contact/

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