#USAF #Humanitarian #DisasterResponse: C5BDI is proud to help a Beverly Hills, CA #WOSB connect with the #TXANG in providing disaster relief for Unites States and AFRICOM end-users with their newest, #NextGen “Mobile MED” innovation – a scalable mobile modular medical facility that provides rapid emergency aid and disaster response capabilities.

Eash adaptable MOBILE MED unit will enable medical professionals to provide patients with temporary or emergency sleeping quarters based on disaster, military operation, or remote exercise. These units are equipped with an affordable, turn-key solution that is safe, efficient, and affordable. Moreover, they offer manufacturing flexibility, production efficiency, and swing space for construction. 

If you or your small business is trying to get into government contracting, let C5BDI know. Contact us today to learn more https://c5bdi.com/contact/.


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