The C5BDI team got the chance to wind down last weekend and participate in the Jamestown Triathlon on Sunday during one of our semi-annual company retreats. It was a wonderful and fulfilling weekend where we could build camaraderie with one another — many of whom are remote — while staying at the beautiful Williamsburg Winery.

We just want to briefly highlight everyone on the team who participated in this year’s triathlon. Wonderful job to Tina Bove, Mark Longe, Brad Roberts, Amanda Brown, Cierra Weatherly, and Mike Weatherly, who partook in one or more of the legs of the race, and a special highlight to Chase Owens and Andrew Frech who competed in the triathlon in its entirety (both first-time entrants). This isn’t the first time our company has participated in this event and won’t be our last, so we hope to see you again next year! Until then, we hope you have a wonderful weekend. Congratulations again to everyone who participated and their family and friends who came to support!

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