C5BDI celebrates a recent win for our Brooklyn and Virginia Beach small business clients on a Direct to Phase II in support of a U.S. Air Force Language Proficiency and Intercultural Communications Training contract. This effort will utilize VR with Natural Language Processing in providing culturally relevant and human realistic conversational interactions in a simulated environment.

Upon completion, this immersive VR technology will accelerate the Air Force’s ability to gain unrivaled realism to conduct difficult, but necessary conversations that they would expect to have during mobile training and security cooperation missions. A successful VR language and culture training platform would also accelerate the pace of reaching Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) level 2 in speaking and listening while increasing Air Advisor engagement and enthusiasm, improving language skill sustainment, and enhancing rapport and relationship-building skills. This will ultimately lead to enhanced U.S. access and Partner Nation demand for subsequent missions. 

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